Suited, booted, and ready to get creative.
(Don’t mind the helmet hair.)
To play a meaningful role in people’s lives, brands have to build relationships with their audiences. And to build those relationships, brands need to articulate what makes them unique. That’s where we come in. Our passion is helping brands tell their stories. Our skilled team of designers and marketers knows how to leverage marketing strategy, design, and copy to create impactful touch-points that reach and engage audiences.
Branding & Rebranding
Whether you’re a start-up or an established brand needing refresh, we can help with a brand identity, logo design, brand story, tagline, brand guidelines, and more.
Graphic Design
We can craft a unique logo, business card, product packaging, video, annual report, signage, and more to bring your vision to life.
Digital Marketing
We give your brand a strong digital presence through social media marketing, e-mail marketing, SEO strategy, and more.
Marketing Strategy
We listen to you, learn about your organization, conduct research, create a custom marketing strategy, and plan to get results.
Website Design
We design stunning websites by developing a strategy to support your goals, writing on-brand copy, and designing beautiful pages that are easy to navigate.

Our Approach

What makes the Moonlight experience out-of-this-world?

We’re Flexible

We meet clients where they are, customizing solutions for every budget and every need. Our solutions are scalable, our work is collaborative, and our process is transparent.

We’re Strategic

Our creative process starts with the intention to achieve something. Meaning, we put a lot of thought into our design and marketing solutions so they move clients toward their goals.

We’re Forward Thinking

Brands have to be maintained to hold their value. That’s why we never stop asking “What next?” so we can help you identify ways to build upon your success.

We’re Nimble

Our size allows for faster and more intentional collaboration, so we deliver services creatively and quickly. Clients can speak with any member of our team, so nothing’s lost in translation.