Storie Street Grille

Storie Street Grill is a quaint restaurant in the downtown village of Blowing Rock, North Carolina. They pride themselves on providing a welcoming hometown vibe with fresh and local offerings. 

Services Provided

Behind the Rebrand

Storie Street was ready to update its brand. They wanted to keep the typography element of their logo while giving it a more personalized look and feel. We created a new logo with a local feel — using the subtle addition of a mountain landscape and a hand-drawn graphic of fresh herbs. We also updated the design of Storie Street Grille’s menus to include the new logo and colors and to better feature the gourmet menu items offered to customers.

Menu Design

We created a template that the client could use on an ongoing basis to update the restaurant's menus - keeping the project cost-efficient yet still keeping the branding and new look.