Logo Design

As designers, we thrive on the mental gymnastics it takes to design a logo. Translating a brand into a single mark takes creativity and skill, and it’s a challenge we love. While the end product is unique for every client, the logo creation process is the same. We start by getting to know the brand and its products, services, or mission to create a visual identity. Then we design a few concepts and use concept feedback from the client for direction to refine and polish the final design. The following are some of our favorite logos we’ve crafted for clients over the years.

Services Provided

This Catholic consulting firm wanted an elegant logo to communicate its goal: to help clients reach new heights. Drawing inspiration from the sunrise of a new day, we developed a logo that represents the uplifted outlook that Sursum brings to each client.
Oldhouse Roastery’s namesake is an old family cottage in the North Carolina countryside. Utilizing a photo of the house, we created a badge-style logo with illustrative elements that tie in the company’s tagline: Grounded in faith, family & coffee.
For this furniture store, we created a scenic logo that marries the rolling hills of the Blue Ridge Mountains with the classic Amish horse and buggy.
While Gardner Skelton knew who they were, they weren’t communicating that brand promise to potential clients and employees. We created a new logo to match their level of service using a modern type treatment and a new color palette.
For this North Carolina non-profit, we created a new logo focusing on their vision. We used interconnected people and landscape, representing the action North Carolinians can take to better coexist with and restore their planet.
Tideline Pools came to us wanting a more sophisticated logo. With the use of a soothing color palette, the logo has an ambiance of relaxation and fun.
First Presbyterian Church Hilton Head needed a logo for their giving campaign. We designed an upbeat logo with custom icons to motivate parishioners to pledge.
Playing off of colors that accent Storie Street Grille’s warm interior, while keeping their existing typography treatment, we had fun creating a new look for this contemporary-american bistro in Blowing Rock, NC.
Centralina is about bringing the region together, and we used interwoven colors to represent this collaborative spirit. 
For this architecture and design firm, we designed a rectangle logo mark containing the company initials. The shape is a simple yet unexpected representation of a building.
We refreshed the Rent Ready logo to make the door imagery clearer, pairing it with modern colors and fonts.
This daycare was named after the physics term “quarks,” subatomic particles that act as building blocks. In our logo design, the circles that form the letter Q represent not only quarks, but also the community of teachers and parents who play an essential role in learning and growth.
Quail Hollow’s steeple had become a cherished emblem and we incorporated it into the logo as a way to honor the church’s history. We paired it with a sleek typeface and updated color palette.
Our design for the Hilsmier logo joins together three shapes to create an H. This represents the firm’s collaborative nature and how it brings clients and solutions together.
LSI had become well-known throughout the telemetry industry. To build on its brand recognition, we designed a logo refresh creating a more modern and relevant visual.
To build local ownership around the race, we used a crown in our logo design, playing off of Charlotte’s nickname “the Queen City."
For Women Executives, we modernized its logo to better reflect the professionalism and strength of this diverse organization of accomplished women.
The 100 Loves Notes Foundation was created to inspire others to spread love in their communities. When crafting the logo, we used hand-lettering and illustration to give it a welcoming and authentic feel.
When redesigning this real estate firm’s logo, we kept its iconic house but modernized the design. We also used a darker blue and an updated font to make the logo relevant and relatable.
By revitalizing its visual identity, we were able to elevate the Hunstad Kortesis brand to match the standard of care its doctors give to all their patients.
To launch its new skincare line, Hunstad Kortesis Bharti asked us to craft the look. Referencing elements of the parent brand, we developed a logo that could simultaneously fit within the parent brand as well as stand on its own. 
This institute was created to help patients achieve a more mobile quality of life and to keep the field of orthopedics pressing forward. This idea of motion inspired our logo design.
Through simple iconography, precise color scheme, and clean typography, we were able to give Hollingsworth Landscape Group the beginning they needed for a long-lasting identity.
The dentists at Southpark Pediatric Dentistry liked our idea of incorporating a cool, kid-friendly character into the logo to appeal to their clientele, but one that was simple and clean. 
To help this tennis club appeal to a younger clientele, we incorporated vibrant colors and movement into its new logo design.
When designing this logo, we choose a classic, sophisticated, and elegant typeface to reflect the rug company’s exclusive and luxe hand-woven rugs.
This network solutions company brought to us an outdated logo which we streamlined into a modern brand to match the type of work it provides its clients.
To promote and unify fundraising efforts, we designed a logo for this nonprofit’s Annual Fund which is used across print and digital communications.
Girls on the Run wanted to bring more awareness to their middle-school curriculum Heart & Sole, so we created this unique logo that uses heart and shoelace imagery to reinforce the play-on-words. 
When designing the logo for this web design and analytics company, we wanted to break the traditional technology aesthetic, incorporating an elegant typeface and color palette to stand out amongst industry competitors.
After 50+ years of business, this multi-generational radiation shielding glass company needed an updated logo to stay top-of-mind. We introduced a new design element to visually reinforce the company’s products.
This creative pool game fundraiser needed a logo to help to draw awareness and donations. Our logo design was inspired by antique salon-style typeface, which we modernized with a sleek color palette.
For this fashion academy, we created a timeless, modern logo design to reflect the academy’s prestige as well as stylistic expertise. 
Forest2Market is a leader in global wood and fiber supply chains, so it was only fitting to accentuate their expertise with a tree-inspired design element.
When designing the logo for this basketball outreach program, we used the initial K to mimic the lines on a basketball, creating a modern and personalized design element. 
The dentists at Pappert and Kirk asked us to reimage a logo that was more dynamic and personable but that also used their existing brand colors.