Bake For Your Life

  • 2018 Addy Gold Award Winner
Bake For Your Life was founded by a mom who wanted to give other moms a healthier alternative to the heavily processed baking mixes lining grocery store shelves. To launch the company and its line of organic mixes, Bake For Your Life needed a brand identity, product packaging, and website.
Bake For Your Life Pouch Packaging Design | Moonlight Creative

Brand DNA

Brand DNA Bake For Your Life was founded on the belief that a more wholesome mix could still maintain the joy and ease of baking. To support this brand positioning, we crafted a unique mission, personality, and voice that worked together to exude joy and ease with every brand interaction. With the brand blocks in place, we were able to roll out the brand and create consistent and authentic experiences.

Packaging Design & Illustration

It was important that the packaging evoked the playful and wholesome aspects of baking that initially inspired Bake For Your Life. The series of 5 mixes each feature a unique background pattern with fun hand lettering and illustrations, which is contrasted by a simple product image in the center. Together, the mixes create a playful, approachable product line that stands out. For each mix, we created a custom illustration that tapped into the sensory and emotional experience of baking with Bake For Your Life mixes. In addition to highlighting the unique ingredients, the illustrations also feature playful characters to add another layer of personality to the mixes.
Baking mixes made with real wholesome ingredients.
Hand Illustrated Characters for Product Packaging | Moonlight Creative

Rolling Out The Baking Mixes

With the brand DNA and packaging complete, the next phase was taking the new Bake For Your Life brand and applying it to a website to create a holistic brand experience.


To bring the brand’s story to life, we designed a website that echoed its values of being real, convenient, and delicious. The website featured a clean interface that allowed visitors to easily explore and order products. It also featured beautiful stylized photography and a recipes blog.
Bake For Your Life Website Design | Moonlight Creative

Styled Product Photography

To show just how delicious (and easy) baking with real ingredients can be, we styled and photographed muffins, pancakes, and other delicious treats made with Bake For Your Life mixes. We used natural light and simple props to evoke an authentic and approachable feel while bringing focus to the rich textures of the baked goods.