Women Executives | 40th Anniversary Party

Read our previous blog post, Women Executives | Behind the Rebrand, for an in-depth description of the process and new look for WE’s brand.

What better way to celebrate a milestone anniversary than with a new look? A big reason for the timing of Women Executive’s rebrand was the organization’s 40th anniversary. The leadership team was planning an extra-special, members-only event to celebrate their growth over the past four decades and wanted to unveil their new brand as part of the event.

The WE leadership team asked for our help to create excitement about the 40th anniversary event, without giving too much away about the new logo and brand.

Party Promotion

We created unique invitations (with the old logo) and an eye-catching newsletter ad to hype up the event in the months leading up to it.



Party Time!

We created a unifying theme for the event itself and designed a few elements to kick the celebration up a notch, including we a backdrop for the photo booth, wine glass tags, WINGS t-shirts, and posters with fun facts and milestones from each of WE’s decades.





The party was a huge hit with WE members! More than half of the membership attended and enjoyed an evening of celebrating WE’s legacy while anticipating the next forty years. Our very own Commander-in-Chief, Dawn Newsome, took home the Spirit-of-WE Award, in part for our hard work on the rebrand and party (but mostly because she’s awesome).



Congratulations to the inspiring women at WE for 40 years of leadership in the Charlotte community! Thanks for trusting us to help you celebrate.