When is the Right Time to Rebrand?

Telltale signs that it’s time to rebrand.

Strong brands are good for business. They grow recognition, increase business value, generate new customers, and instill employee pride. But it’s possible to outgrow a brand or parts of it. Old brands will hold you back if they fail to support your business goals.

So, how do you know when it’s time for a rebrand? Here are some telltale signs. 


1. Your Brand Doesn’t Compete

It’s natural for brands to have competitors. But when those competitor brands become more memorable than yours, a rebranded identity can help you emerge from the pack and stand out among audiences. 


2. Your Brand Is Outdated

While brands have a long shelf-life, they don’t live forever. Cultural norms and preferences change, and brands have to adapt to stay relevant. 

This was the case for Hunstad Kortesis. Its old logo was preventing the cosmetic practice from attracting new clients in a competitive market. We helped the company rebrand and gave it a visual identity that better reflected the luxury patient experience. 


3. Your Business Has Expanded Beyond the Brand

If your brand is holding you back from future growth, it’s time for a rebrand. Sometimes it’s obvious, like if your logo features a dog and you want to expand to target cats and birds. You need a new brand to reflect your broadened focus.  

Other times, you may need a more energized brand to roll out new or modernized products and services. Your old brand may cause the expansion to fall flat. A new identity can make your business growth feel exciting and relevant to audiences.  


4. Your Brand Lacks Authenticity

It’s important for your brand to reflect your company values and for it to feel authentic. Why?  Sixty-four percent of consumers say shared values are the primary reason they have a relationship with a brand. Today, consumers expect brands to take a stance. If your brand doesn’t reflect who you are and what you stand for, it’s time to rebrand.

Centralina, one of 16 regional councils in North America, is an organization dedicated to improving regional quality of life. But their logo did not do a good job of illustrating their commitment to collaboration across county lines. So Centralina asked us to lead a rebrand, and we designed an authentic logo that spoke to the ways the organization weaves the region together. 



The new logo features an interconnected weaving pattern to reflect how Centralina brings the region together.



5. You’re Targeting a New Audience

Brands should always speak to the people they’re trying to reach. So naturally, if you’re trying to reach more people or different kinds of people, you want a brand that will engage with them. This might call for a rebrand. 


6. There’s a Company Change, Merger, or Acquisition

When businesses change their executive structure, merge, or acquire new companies, they need a new brand to match the changes in services and culture. 


When Cottingham Chalk Hayes became Cottingham Chalk, the real estate firm saw an opportunity to re-establish their story and recommit to a relationship-first approach. We helped rebrand the firm, using visuals and messaging to embrace the new direction in which Cottingham Chalk wanted to lead.  


Final Thoughts

A rebrand is a big undertaking and usually requires the help of an agency. But they’re worth the effort. Rebrands are exciting opportunities for organizations to better deliver services and connect with audiences through a more relatable and engaging identity.   


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