What if my brand isn’t inherently visual?

By now you know the value of social media and even Instagram Stories (if not, check out our previous blog posts on these topics – we’ll wait). But maybe you’re not sure how to make these visually driven platforms work for you because your product or service isn’t inherently visual. After all, we can’t all be glamorous like hospitality, retail or beauty – where quality photography and videography goes a long way. So, what do you do? Throw in the towel? No way!

Instead, you should repurpose your best stuff.

What do we mean? No matter your business, we know you have content that can be brought to life in a visually compelling way. Take Experian – they’re a credit rating agency. Not exactly the sexiest or most appealing industry, right? Not a company anyone would want to follow on Instagram or Snapchat, right? Think again! They used Snapchat Stories to repurpose useful content from their website’s educational section to answer one of their most frequently asked questions (“What makes up a credit rating?”) in an easily consumable way.

Check it out on their YouTube Channel. It’s effective, engaging and helpful, but it clearly didn’t require a large production budget or professional film crew – just a fresh way to present a familiar concept.

Another example is Atrium Health, formerly Carolinas HealthCare, and the rollout of their online tool eVisit. The tool electronically connects patients with doctors so patients can receive high-quality care whenever, wherever.

Programs like eVisit aren’t easy to visually showcase, and Atrium Health didn’t want to rely on impersonal stock photography to rollout this exciting new development in patient care. So, the Moonlight team created a motion graphic video, bringing Atrium Health’s brand voice, colors, and mission to life. Check out the video and a few other pieces we created for eVisit here.

So what’s your brand’s “best stuff”? Give us a shout – we’ll help you answer this question and come up with fresh ways to present it.

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