What can Beyoncé teach us about marketing?

We’ll admit – we attended this presentation at the Digital Summit solely because of the title. I mean, who doesn’t want to channel Beyoncé? Also, what can Queen Bey teach us about marketing?

A lot, as it turns out. Our favorite takeaway from Michael Barber’s talk?

Get crazy in love with people – because empathy is required ALWAYS.

Sure, that sounds nice. But what does it mean for marketing your business?

In the era of social media, delivering exceptional customer experience by treating people with empathy is key to building trust and positive feelings. Why? Because people will share their experiences (both extraordinarily awesome and extraordinarily terrible) on social media and through word of mouth – providing you with the best kind of “free” marketing, assuming you’re in the extraordinarily awesome category.

Here are a few examples of this concept from well-known brands around the country:

Pretty powerful, right?

So how can you do this for your business? First, empower your frontline employees to treat your current and potential customers with empathy. Then, share stories of extraordinary customer experiences by capturing them on video or through client reviews and testimonials.

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