Introducing: Timeless Fonts – A Series

Have you noticed that these days it seems trends are coming and going at an ever-accelerating pace? The newest bright and shiny trends do have their moments, but we believe nothing beats a timeless look.

With that in mind, we’ve developed a series all about timeless fonts. What makes a font timeless? Why does it matter? We’ll also spotlight some of our favorite timeless fonts that – like a good pair of jeans – you can always count on.

What makes a font timeless?


With clean lines and a classic look, they are able to fit a variety of design styles and applications.

Variety of Weights

The font has more than just regular, bold, and italic options. A timeless font will have a multitude of weights to choose from, allowing your design to have more visual interest while staying in the same font family.


The characters in these fonts are clear and easy to read and comprehend, making them accessible to readers across various age groups and visual abilities.


The distribution of visual weight and proportions among characters creates a sense of symmetry in the font design. No one element or characteristic draws in the eye, and instead, the eye is able to focus on the words as a whole.


The font will typically draw inspiration from a timeless font from the past. Type foundries are continually drawing knowledge and inspiration from older fonts like Helvetica, Futura, Baskerville, and the like to create new fonts with a timeless look.

Why does it matter?

Plays well with others

Because of the characteristics listed above, the font will pair well with a variety of other fonts. This allows for designs where the main font can be paired with a more decorative font, increasing visual interest without creating a mismatched look.


They can be used in both large display applications and small text settings without losing their appeal. From web applications to a large outdoor billboard, you’ll be good to go.

No risk of looking outdated

When you use a timeless font, it’s just that: timeless. You don’t have to worry about looking outdated because you have chosen fonts that stand the test of time.

Now that you know what makes a font timeless and why it matters, you’re ready to dive in with us as we explore our favorite timeless fonts! Stay tuned, our next post in this series will feature one of our favorite fonts and its uses.