Exploring Timeless Fonts: Proxima Nova

Like a pair of white sneakers or a tan trench coat, certain fonts have the ability to stand the test of time. In this series, we’re exploring some of our favorite timeless fonts. If you’re wondering what makes a font timeless and why it matters, check out this introductory post to learn more.

Font Spotlight: Proxima Nova

The foundry that developed Proxima Nova aimed to merge the smooth curves of geometric sans serifs such as Futura with the structural balance found in contemporary grotesques like Helvetica.

The result is a well balanced font that is sleek and modern while also offering an approachable warmth.


This balance enhances readability and legibility, making Proxima Nova suitable for both body text and display purposes.


With 48 different styles to mix and match, Proxima Nova is a true workhorse of a font. This makes it highly usable for a wide range of applications. 

Easy to Pair With

The smooth curves are friendly to a wide range of other typefaces, making it easy to pair with to create your style of choice. A few good options include: 

  • Adobe Caslon Pro
  • Mrs Eaves
  • Oswald
  • Open Sans
  • Museo Slab

Proxima Nova's Popularity

When the founder, Mark Simpson, was asked why he thought the font became so popular, he said the following.

I don’t really know, but I like to think it has to do with the qualities I put into the font — the proportions, the spacing, the overall look and feel. I tried to make the shapes of the letters simple and clear. It doesn’t have a lot of fussy details or mannerisms. Maybe it has to do with the open, circular forms, which perhaps give it a “friendly” appearance, especially in the lowercase.”

Proxima Nova is used in over 25,000 websites and is utilized by many popular companies including Buzzfeed and NBC News. Despite it’s popularity, it’s versatility in style has allowed it to escape the fates of Montserrat and Gotham, who people have grown tired of because of overuse. You can read the full interview with Simpson here.

Now that we’ve introduced a great timeless sans-serif font, we’re going to mix it up for our next installment. Stay tuned: we’ll be covering one of our favorite serif fonts!