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2017 Year in Review

Another Year. Another Awesome Infographic. We broke with tradition this year and created our 2017 Year in Review infographic well ahead (OK, 2.5 weeks ahead) of Valentine’s Day. Without further ado, here the highlights from our 21st year: 

Carolinas HealthCare System | eVisit

Carolinas HealthCare System is bringing healthcare into the 21st century, making it more convenient for patients to get high-quality care whenever and wherever. Most recently, they rolled out eVisit, an exciting new care option that connects patients with medical professionals online.

Women Executives | Behind the Rebrand

As a female-owned and operated business, we were thrilled when Women Executives (WE) asked us to help update their brand. Their goal? To better communicate their professionalism and strength.

Good, Fast, Cheap

If you’ve ever managed a project, creative or otherwise, you’ve probably experienced the truth in the saying: “Good, fast or cheap. Pick two.” This concept is so universal that it has a few different names – it’s known as the Project Management Triangle, Triple Constraint, or Iron Triangle.

Finding the Sweet Spot of Innovation

I’ve been reading the book, “Creative Confidence,” by Tom and David Kelley this last week. I started to read the book in preparation for a class I am teaching at Winthrop University next semester, but like everything else in life, I find parallels to my 9-to-5 and day-to-day wonderings.