Strengthen Your Marketing Amid COVID

Maximize downtime with this list of 25+ ideas to strengthen your marketing efforts.

A coronavirus-induced slowdown can be a blessing in disguise. It may give you the time you’ve always needed to finish this or update that. One way to use this time is to focus on making some marketing updates. That way your brand comes back stronger than ever. 




1. Add COVID-19 messaging to your homepage 

2. Update web copy, images, and layouts to refresh your website. This is also the time to replace any old or dated content.  

3. Add new functionalities like a chatbot or a contact form.  

4. Backup your site. 

5. Make your site more SEO-friendly.




6. Create segmented email lists

7. Clean up your current lists. 

8. Create an automated email message map and develop those automated messages.

9. Create a new template design.




10. Plan a future social media campaign, including the campaign topic, objectives/goals, post frequency, copy, and imagery.  

11. Research relevant hashtags you can start using while also auditing the relevancy of the current hashtags you use. 

12. Create a library of posts and post copy to pull from when things get busy. 

13. Audit your social media marketing by looking at your bio information, cover and profile images, engagement, follower growth, and best and worst-performing posts. 




14. Audit your existing content; clear out old or dated materials and evaluate existing content gaps. 

15. Build a content calendar for the remainder of the year.

16. Brainstorm content ideas based on your personas and business goals. 

17. Add new content while also exploring new content formats. Content includes blogs, whitepapers, guides, e-books, case studies, tutorials, infographics, checklists, online courses, newsletters, web and landing pages, presentations, videos, and podcasts.

18. Replenish your print marketing needs. Reprint business cards, brochures, banners, posters, and signage.  




19. Create or update your Google My Business listing. Add copy, images, business hours, and updates related to your business.  




20. Familiarize yourself with Google Analytics to gain new website and campaign insights. If you don’t have Google Analytics, now’s the time to set it up. 

21. Evaluate your audience demographics, like what devices they’re using to visit your site or what country they’re in.

22. Look to see what pages are over and underperforming. 




23. Schedule a product photography shoot so you have imagery to use on social media, your website, or product packaging. 




24. Start designing and producing new product packaging or update old packaging designs




25. Explore new social media channels like TikTok. Or test project management tools like Monday. Think about your pressing needs (editing videos, automated posting, keyword research) and explore the tools out there that can help.  




26. Now’s the time to finally research whatever marketing trend you want to know about. 




27. Despite our best efforts, sometimes we don’t always have the bandwidth to read industry-leading publications or trending marketing news. This is a great time to catch up on your favorite publications or research new sources of inspiration. 




28. Compare yourself to a list of your top competitors. What are they doing that you like? That you dislike? Look at their full marketing spectrum, including their website, social media, Google My Business listing, and any of their content.  




29. Rebrands demand a lot of time and attention, so if your team is experiencing a bit of a slowdown, now is the perfect time to develop a rebrand. Rebrand items can include your logo, your identity, your messaging, and your website. 


Hopefully, this list has given you a few ideas to keep you busy building your brand. Want to continue the conversation? Give us a shout!