New Crew | Goodbyes & Hellos

You might have heard rumblings through the galaxy about a few changes here in the Moonlight office. Recently we had to say goodbye to Jesse and Hannah as they embark on new adventures: Jesse joined Winthrop University as a full-time professor and Hannah is transitioning to SkillPop, where she will manage social media and marketing.


We will miss them, but we’re thankful for the time we had together and wish them all the best. Jessica shared her thoughts on the most important lessons she learned from these two and their impact on her career:


Hannah taught me the importance of sprinkling kindness into everything I do, and Jesse taught me to have confidence in my work and never doubt myself. Both of them demonstrated how to be brave and take risks. I can’t thank them enough for being two very bright, shining lights in my life and at work. Thank you, Jesse and Hannah, for being the stellar duo that you are and for moonlighting a path for me to tread.”


We’re also excited to introduce you to two new crew members! Jocelyn Cassada and Katelyn Zander.


Jocelyn supports us in all things marketing. She returns to Charlotte from Washington DC, where she spent three years in marketing communications for healthcare technology at The Advisory Board Company. She graduated from Washington & Lee University and has a M.S. in Marketing and Management from the University of Virginia.


Outside of the Moonlight office, you can find her swimming laps, walking her yellow lab, hiking the Blue Ridge Mountains, or eating chocolate.


Katelyn joins us as our next rising star designer. Although she’s technically a cheese head from Wisconsin, she considers Charlotte to be her true home. She is an Honors graduate from UNC-Charlotte, where she earned her BFA with a concentration in Graphic Design and a minor in Art History. Katelyn joins us after completing internships at Wray Ward and the University Career Center.


When Katelyn is not shooting for the moon with great design, you can find her outdoors, usually on the volleyball court. She also enjoys baking delicious goodies, spending time with her family, and abstract painting and crafting with her mom. Someday Katelyn hopes to travel and experience more of this big world, starting with Italy!


Stay tuned for more updates on the blog as these two get started!