Moodboards: Set the Tone for Your Brand

Want to refresh your brand or create a new brand?

A great place to start is with a moodboard – a great brand-building tool that lets you take your creativity to the next level! Just like you might use a Pinterest board for ideas for a kitchen remodel or how an interior designer creates an inspiration board with a color palette, photos of furniture, and sample textures – moodboards provide a source of inspiration for your brand identity.

In essence, a moodboard sets the tone and aesthetic for a project or brand by featuring a collection of designs, images, shapes, symbols, fonts, and colors – creating consistency across your brand and conveying your business values.

When Do You Need a Moodboard?

Having a moodboard is helpful when you are creating a new brand, doing a brand refresh, or any graphic design project. The moodboard helps with approval and collaboration on the look and feel of a project or brand. If you don’t know what direction you’d like your design to go, having a mood board can provide ideas and narrow down design choices.

Why Should You Invest in a Brand Mood Board

There are many benefits of investing in a mood board for your brand.

  • Makes collaboration easier and saves time in choosing the look and feel of your brand.
  • Builds a strong visual framework.
  • Enables you to revisit it as you create new designs to ensure they follow the same aesthetic.
  • Serves as a resource for your marketing team and other creative partners so they can accurately and effectively communicate your brand visually.

Mood Board Examples

Take a look at some examples of mood boards we have created for our clients.

Catawba RiverKeeper

We created a mood board to determine the direction and tone of signage for one of the Catawba RiverKeeper’s new facilities.

Cottingham Chalk

We designed a mood board before Cottingham Chalk’s rebrand efforts got underway.

Rockingham Community College

We built this mood board to determine the style and tone for new wall and window installments throughout a Rockingham Community College building.

Moodboards not only unleash creativity and get the inspiration juices flowing but also provide a great start for a direction for your brand, brand refresh or marketing materials. The sky’s the limit to what you can create!

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