The largest football stadium in the U.S. holds 91,704 at normal seating capacity. To fit one million people you would need to fill 11 of these stadiums.

Now imaging that you’ve filled 11 stadiums with one million elementary to middle school girls. While this may seem like the beginning of any mom’s slumber-party nightmare, you get the picture. This spring one of our favorite clients, Girls on the Run, is celebrating the major milestone of inspiring one million girls to confidently live to their full potential.
Talk about impact. 

To prepare for this milestone GOTR approached us with the challenge of creating a One in a Million-themed campaign that would celebrate the women across the country who have been part of shaping the GOTR story.



We began by crafting a series of brand boards to help us hone-in on a theme. Especially when we’re creating more than just one piece of collateral, we like using brand boards to make sure we’re on the same page with our client, both in concept and design direction. For example, after analyzing the themes, GOTR expressed that rather than highlighting famous women leaders, they would like to emphasize the phenomenal women who were involved in their program. With this feedback in mind we were able to more accurately refine the design. Here are our inital theme pitches:

Brand Boards Brand Boards2

With the refined theme as our guide, we began thoughtfully selecting and proposing campaign implementations we thought would best tell the Girls on the Run story.


Social Media

With a large (and growing) social media presence, having the right hashtag was important, not only to raise recognition, but to unite all 225 councils spread across the country. So we researched, wrote and dreamed up the concise, yet still compelling #M1LLION. Corresponding social images were created to be used both by the international, overarching social media but also by individual council pages. By giving their audience sharable content to use with the hashtag, we made it easy for girls all over to join the conversation.HashtagSocial Media


With hand-drawn type and doodles, the theme quickly expanded to include a series of branded, vibrant and interactive collateral pieces, ranging from a coloring sheet to commemorative poster.Drawings

Collateral Tshirts


Event Design

Girls on the Run planned to kick off the One in a Million celebration at their annual summit but needed interactive event ideas. While these ideas started at the summit, they needed to be scalable so individual councils (with their unique budgets and printing capabilities) could join in the party. We pitched ideas for the basic structure of the event, giving the raw materials for an abundance of user-generated content. As the summit and campaign rolled out, we loved seeing councils bring these ideas to life, share it on social media and encourage others to join the movement. Booth3Booth2

We truly feel so lucky that we get to partner with empathetic, empowered and energetic clients and call it our job. Thanks Girls on the Run for letting us join your celebration and for making a one in a million impact.