Logo Design: A Behind the Scenes Look

Curious about everything that goes into creating a logo? Maybe you’ve been putting off a redesign because it just feels daunting. Well look no further! In this post, we’ll guide you through the journey of logo creation to give you a behind the scenes peek at our process.

We’ll be showing examples from a client’s logo project, Oldhouse Roastery. Each step of the process will have a corresponding visual so you can see the whole process start to fiinsh.

Step 1: Discovery

Before we put pencil to paper, we need to understand who you are at your core. Here are some questions we like to ask:

  • Give us a brief elevator pitch of your company.
  • Is there a story behind your business name?
  • How would you describe your brand’s personality? (e.g., professional, fun, innovative)
  • Who are your main competitors? What makes your brand unique?
  • Are there any specific symbols or icons that are important to your brand?
  • Do you have a preference for typography styles? (e.g., serif, sans-serif, script)
  • Are there any colors or color palettes you prefer or want to avoid?

Not only does this paint a picture of your company’s values and goals, but it also allows us to land on the same page regarding design styles.

Step 2: Sketch Storm

Yep, you guessed it! It’s a brainstorm, but with visuals instead of words. Armed with the understanding and direction from the discovery phase, we’re ready to begin ideating. The key to a great brainstorm is to be able to quickly capture each idea and move on to the next. We love using an iPad (procreate) for this process. It allows our hands to keep up with our ideas during the brainstorm. 

This looks a bit different for each client. Some clients have reference images, or symbols they want us to pull from. Some clients just want us to see where the inspiration takes us. 

Below are some sketches from this phase for our client, Oldhouse Roastery. They asked for us to include house imagery as well as a fish to represent their faith. 

Step 3: Build

With the rough ideas from step 2, we take to Illustrator to make the magic happen. We play around with different fonts, layouts, and illustration styles in this phase. 

Since it’s important that all logos can work in black and white, we build our logos in black and white and add color options in the final stage. 

Step 4: Refine + Add Color

Now it’s time to take our design options and refine them further. We finalize the type, layout, and introduce color. 

Here’s OldHouse Roastery’s logo at this stage.

Step 5: Logo Boards

After combing through the designs, we pick the best options and create boards. Then we share the design options with the client for feedback!

Step 6: Finalize

After receiving feedback from the client, we implement their edits and create the final logo and color palette! 

This client preferred the “stamp” approach of this logo option. They also loved that it incorporated the house, fish, and had room for an optional tagline. 

Below is their logo in action on their coffee bags!

It’s a privilege to be trusted with creating the most important visual representation for a company: their logo. We take that responsibility seriously and employ all our creative juices to develop a logo worthy of the spotlight. 

If you’re interested in logo design services, please reach out. Whether it’s a redesign or entirely new logo, we’re here to help!