Let’s Rise Above COVID

Working together to keep moving our business community forward.

We know that the coronavirus has made this is a difficult time for everyone. We too are a local business that’s having to adapt. But, we’re glass-half-full kind of people. We want to focus on the actions we can take to help move our partners and the greater business community forward.

In light of the coronavirus, your goals may have changed, but we’re here to help you meet them! As your creative partner, you can count on us to:


1. Be a Digital Resource

Digital marketing is the best way to connect with audiences right now. We can help you think through the right ways to digitize your business quickly to reach consumers.

2. Be Accessible

If you’re working from home with kids, pets, or spouses, we understand that the typical 9-5 workday may not work at home. Let’s talk at a time that fits your new schedule.

3. Be Nimble

We know that things can change at the drop of a hat. When they do, you can expect fast marketing support

4. Be Transparent

If you’re unsure how to move forward with a new or existing project, we’ll help you pivot and balance progress with adjusted budgets.

5. Be a Marketing Thought Leader

We’ll be sharing coronavirus-related marketing tips through our blog to make sure you have the right information and resources to keep marketing your organization.

We walk into the Moonlight office every day to help our partners reach their goals and tell their stories. A lot has changed due to the coronavirus, but our mission hasn’t. We still walk into the office each morning, it’s just a home office. We’re still here to help, it just might be in new and different ways.

 How to Reach Us  

Since our team is working remotely, the best way to reach us or schedule a call is through email.

  • Dawn, Owner – dawn@moonlightcreative.com
  • Heather, Graphic Designer – heather@moonlightcreative.com
  • Anna, Marketing Strategist – anna@moonlightcreative.com