I Hate Carving Pumpkins

Today we signed up for GUTS, an annual pumpkin carving competition that unifies our creative community in support of Make-A-Wish and the kids who fight the real fight everyday. This will make our third year bringing our 3-person team to the event. But I have a confession to make: I. Hate. Carving. Pumpkins. BUT, I’ll do it for the kids. And maybe the fact that it is just a fun event that creates some healthy competition among Charlotte’s most creative (did I mention that there is beer involved too?).

So, while doing some research for a client, I came across some really awesome ways to decorate for fall –  no carving involved. I put together a list (complete with links to tutorials) of my top 8, DIY, no-carve pumpkin designs that are out-of-this-world.

1. Chic Gold Leaf Pattern

Brit + Co

“The steps for this as a simple as they look. Simply draw lines along each ridge of your pumpkin. We switched between diagonal and horizontal to create a herringbone-inspired look. For a large pumpkin, you’ll probably go through two pens.”

No-Carve Gold Sharpie on Black Pumpkin

2. Thumbtack Pumpkins

No-Carve Studded Pumpkins

3. Neon Paint Dripped Pumpkins

A Night Owl

“Are you a child of the 80s? If so, you may be reveling in the bright neon revival! I think neons are so much fun, especially when it comes to party decor. So pumpkins may be a little out there, but if you’re into modern design with a POP – these would be perfect! And they were so much fun to create!”

No-Carve Neon Paint Drip Pumpkin

4. Planter Pumpkins

Hibrid Blog

“As Halloween is approaching I was looking for something new to do with pumpkins, and figured why not make them into planters like I do everything else!”

No-Carve Pumpkin Planter

5. Golden Doily Pumpkins

17 Apart

“I love how they turned out. They shimmer and glow when the sun hits them just right and just add that right touch of fancy around the the house this time of year. These would be such a fun and simple DIY decoration for a fall wedding or party and the look can easily be changed up by using different colored doilies — silver, white, even black!”

No-Carve Gold Doily Pumpkin

6. String Art Pumpkins

P.S. I Made This

Halloween is that magical season where imaginations and creative fantasies run wild, and it’s the ultimate opportunity to scare up that limitless array of crafty tricks & treats you’ve been dreaming up. While whipping up a costume may be the first project on your list, we suggest taking dress-up to the next level with a boo-tiful take on string art. With some colorful string, nails and a geometric pattern in mind, create this unique holiday décor that’s unexpectedly chic and one-of-a-kind.


7. Pretty Painted Pumpkins

Elisa Burke / Redefine Creativity

“One of my FAVORITE supplies these days is Tulip’s dimensional paint. It can be used for a variety of projects and the tiny applicator tips are perfect for adding small details and pattern to all kinds of projects.”


8. Copper Striped Pumpkins

Homey oh my!

“I’ll say it forever: I LOVE pumpkins.  One of the only things in this world that I consider both delicious and whimsical.  While I prefer eating them, decorating  pumpkins is an alternative that comes close to being almost as fun.  Almost.”

No-Carve Copper Tape Pumpkins

Has this got your creative juices flowing yet? Have any ideas of your own?

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