Head Before Hands

“Head before hands” is a design strategy, but probably a good metaphor for most things in business and life. 

We all know that you have to put the horse in front of the cart, but good design strategy considers the user first and foremost – and frankly, we care about our fellow humans here at Moonlight.

We recently had the pleasure of dreaming, creating and planning a marketing summit for one of our favorite (and oldest) partners, the Community Blood Center of the Carolinas. We are most inspired in the work we do when we work alongside people who are passionate about what they do, so we were super excited about this extra collaboration.

Summit number one (the first of three), focused on consensus building and investigated how this traditional design strategy of “head before hands” could also be the foundation for an effective marketing strategy. We presented lots of ideas, case studies and questions; while CBCC shared their current efforts, fears and hopes.

Summit number two will be packed with lots of brainstormin’ so stay tuned for the big ideas to come, we will keep you posted.



CBCC-Summit-3 CBCC-Summit-1