Happy Holidays from MCG

Each year MCG takes on the tradition of designing a gift as a small thank you for our clients. Gearing up for the holiday season, this year had a different feel. It has been a year full of changes for Moonlight: Karen stepped into retirement, we said goodbye as we sent Brady and Jenni off on their next life adventures and then said hello as Kerri and Hannah joined the team. With our new dynamics we wanted this year’s gift to be a true creative collaboration, giving us the opportunity to spend time with each other outside of the office. Plus, one thing hasn’t changed, we have wonderful clients that we want to take time to appreciate.

With that in mind, we began our project with apples from Fat Boy’s Produce at the farmer’s market.

Then we strapped on our aprons, heated our crock-pots (all nine of them), and gathered our beautiful ingredients (thanks to Savory Spice Shop and Cloister Honey) for two days of Intergalactic Apple Butter cooking and canning festivities.


Next, we stuffed sachets full of mulling spices (again thanks to Savory Spice Shop) making our office smell like the holidays (and we may have celebrated with a little wine of our own).


Recruiting Kerri (and her husband, Joel, as an honorary Moonlighter) with their Etsy shop,Choice Cuts, we screenprinted lunar produce bags that not only will carry your groceries for you, but also glow in the dark (but really can it get cooler?).