Google Business Profile – a free tool to help promote your business!

Google My Business | Moonlight Creative

Google My Business has long been a fantastic tool for businesses wanting to rank on Google.

It’s recently been rebranded to Google Business Profile but the perks are still there, if you take advantage of them.

Start by Googling your business name followed by your city and state. You should see a listing on the right. Even if you didn’t set it up, Google may have done so on your behalf. No listing for your business? Follow these instructions to set it up.

Do you see a listing with the question “Own this business?” Quick! Click the link and claim it before a competitor does.

The more accurate and active your listing is, the more Google knows you are a trustworthy business and will treat you well during searches.

Google Business Profile is a powerful SEO tool that can serve your business well. It should be one of the tools in your marketing mix.

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