Email Marketing Can Take Your Business to the Next Level!

There are so many digital marketing strategies out there in the world, you may be wondering if email marketingis still important for your business.And the answer is definitely YES! Having a stellar email marketing strategy helps you reach your target audience and increase sales—at a very affordable cost. 


Why is Email Marketing is So Important?

Below are the most important reasons you should be using email marketing (if you’re not already) and how email can really help your business!

Engagement: Customers engage with email (and your brand) whether it is replying, forwarding, clicking through the email, making a purchase or signing up for a service. Emails make it easy for you to drive users to your website.

Personalized: By using well-designed email campaigns, you can segment customers into appropriate groups depending on where they are in the buying cycle and personalize your campaign to reflect this. Using your customer data, you also have the opportunity to reward customers on their birthday, make seasonal offerings and feature other time-sensitive occasions. Sending an email to a customer is also personalized way to connect with your user and stay in contact.

Cost-Efficient: Email marketing services (such as Mail Chimp among others) offer free accounts to send a specific number of emails per month for free. However, you will benefit by hiring a professional firm to manage and design the campaigns. This is a great way to reach a really large number of consumers.

Mobile Friendly: 54% of emails are opened on a mobile device. Customers can read emails at any time. So it’s super important to have a mobile friendly design.

Measurable: One really nice thing about email marketing is that the results are trackable, letting you know exactly how your campaign is doing. These analytics can become a very important part of your overall marketing plan.

And finally, just about everyone uses email! So what better way to let your customers know more about your brand, discounts, new products.

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