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5 Tips for Giving Feedback to your Design Team

As a design-focused marketing firm, most people hire us because they need help solving real life business problems with innovative design solutions (more on that here). Our small but mighty crew has spent YEARS learning the principles of great design, staying up-to-date on the latest and greatest trends, and carefully studying how people interact with […]

Carolinas HealthCare System | eVisit

Carolinas HealthCare System is bringing healthcare into the 21st century, making it more convenient for patients to get high-quality care whenever and wherever. Most recently, they rolled out eVisit, an exciting new care option that connects patients with medical professionals online.

Social media – are you doing it right?

A few short years ago, many businesses considered social media a passing trend, something that “kids these days” might use, but certainly not companies. Nowadays, I think we can all agree that social media platforms offer a valuable (and mostly free) way to reach customers and gain insight into their behaviors and preferences. Most businesses […]

Are you solving the wrong problem?

If you need help with something design-related for your business, you might approach a creative firm like Moonlight to help you solve this problem: “I’m looking for someone to help me design a __________. Can you help me?”

Women Executives | Behind the Rebrand

As a female-owned and operated business, we were thrilled when Women Executives (WE) asked us to help update their brand. Their goal? To better communicate their professionalism and strength.

Good, Fast, Cheap

If you’ve ever managed a project, creative or otherwise, you’ve probably experienced the truth in the saying: “Good, fast or cheap. Pick two.” This concept is so universal that it has a few different names – it’s known as the Project Management Triangle, Triple Constraint, or Iron Triangle.

Why Marathons Make Me Cry

Without fail marathons make me cry. Really all it takes is for someone to cross the finish line holding hands and I’m a mess. (Don’t even get me started on watching a wheelchair marathoner finish.) After working on our sixth year of campaign creation for Novant Health Thunder Road Marathon, I think I’m finally beginning to see why.

The Handiwork Story

It’s a bit surreal to be writing the blog that launches Handiwork from pet-project to public. We’ve had a full year of concepting, collecting and creating and finally get to share the story.
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