Carolinas HealthCare System | eVisit

Carolinas HealthCare System is bringing healthcare into the 21st century, making it more convenient for patients to get high-quality care whenever and wherever. Most recently, they rolled out eVisit, an exciting new care option that connects patients with medical professionals online.

Pretty cool, right?


Here’s how it works: patients go online and log into their MyCarolinas account to access eVisit. Then, they answer a few questions about their symptoms. In just two hours, they receive a secure message from a medical provider with a diagnosis, recommended treatment plan and a prescription, if needed.


Since the eVisit concept is so different from how people typically get healthcare, Carolinas HealthCare System knew that they would need to introduce it deliberately. They knew that patients would (understandably) have A LOT of questions, like:

How much does it cost?

What types of conditions can be treated?

Will my insurance cover it?

How long will it take to get a diagnosis?


That’s why they partnered with us to introduce eVisit. Specifically, they wanted our help to achieve two main goals:


(1) Explain eVisit to patients in a way that is clear and easy-to-understand, and

(2) Position eVisit within the other options to “Get Care Now.”

1. Explain

To achieve the first goal, we collaborated with Eli Guillou to create a brief, animated video with motion graphics that describes how and when patients should use eVisit. Carolinas HealthCare System sent the video to patients via email and shared it on social media, along with a link to a landing page with more information about eVisit and a list of frequently asked questions and the answers.


Motion Graphics Video



Landing Page



We also created an infographic with step-by-step instructions for how and why to use eVisit, along with the answers to the top frequently asked questions.





Finally, we created a simple, eye-catching web banner to encourage people to start an eVisit, or to find out more information about it.


Web Banner


2. Position

To achieve the second goal, we designed a brochure, lobby banners, and posters to clearly describe how eVisit fits within their other options to “Get Care Now,” which includes primary care, urgent care, emergency care, and another online care option called Virtual Visit (see why this might be confusing?).

We knew the brochure needed to be relevant, useful, and fun to read to be effective. We also wanted it to stand the test of time since most people don’t think about their healthcare options until they have a problem and really need help. After presenting a few options, we agreed on a design with vibrant colors, a unique fold, and a magnet in the center for patients to put in a convenient place to remind them of their care options with Carolinas HealthCare System.




Lobby Banners & Posters



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