Bring Your Logo to Life with Motion

A logo reveal (or animated logo) is a modern way to present a brand. It’s a stellar way to stand out from competitors since an animated logo showsmore originality and creativity, shining a spotlight on your brand.

What is a logo reveal?

Simply put, it’s bringing your logo to life! Rather than show a static logo, make your logo worlds apart from your competitors with an animated logo reveal. Animating your logo brings a fresh light to your brand identity. It allows you to show off your brand colors and incorporate different movements and techniques, which can range from simple fade-ins and sliding effects to more complex movements.

When to debut your logo

A logo reveal is a great way to introduce your new logo during your brand launch event. It can also be used in other channels following the debut. Incorporate it into your social media, on your website, and in the email you send out to announce your new brand. It can also be used during future events or presentations as an introduction to your organization.

CleanAIRE NC Logo Reveal

For CleanAIRE’s launch event and social channels, we created a video unveiling the new identity and brand structure. Showing the new brand in an interactive and holistic way gave their supporters a better understanding of the new look, tone, and direction CleanAIRE NC would now be living out.

Centralina Regional Council

To successfully roll out Centralina Regional Council’s rebrand, we helped plan a virtual launch. We hosted the launch on YouTube and invited stakeholders and media to watch the executive team and board talk about exciting opportunities to connect with the region through the new brand. To make the logo reveal engaging and dynamic on-screen, our team created a special animation to showcase the Centralina parent brand and department logos.

In addition to helping increase brand awareness, a logo reveal helps your organization stand out from competitors, connects with your audience, and creates a memorable experience. When planning a logo reveal, the sky’s the limit on what you can do. Get creative and have fun with it!

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