Moonlight Holiday Gift | 2018 Calendars

Each year our crew designs a holiday gift to thank our clients for trusting us as their creative partner. This year, we were inspired to create something useful: a calendar for our clients to hang in their offices or homes, with our own creative spin.

The Process

After discussing a number of potential themes – from space graphics to hand-lettered inspirational quotes – we landed on watercolor moons. We cleared our own calendars for a morning of watercolor painting and team bonding. Each of us continued to paint and refine our moons over the next few weeks whenever we had time. Once we completed the moons, we voted for our top twelve using stickers to mark our favorites (it wasn’t easy). We then created a simple yet elegant calendar layout with a fun detail: markings for the new and full moons in each month. Finally, we designed the packaging and gift tags and formed a moon crew assembly line to pack, label and deliver the calendars.

Take a look at the process and result: